Guest Posts

Guest Posts

I would love for you to guest post on my page, I hate rules so I'm not going to call them rules, let's use guidelines.

 This is a family friendly blog, I hope! Please refrain from "offensive" language. I probably won't be offended, but I'm trying to keep this blog G rated for now. This may change in the future.

Here are the topics I'm interested in, but I'm open to others :)

Life with Chronic illness.  If you don't have a blog and just want to write a post please feel free to send it to me I would love to publish your story. I know how hard it is to keep up a blog when you don't feel well.

 Style tips,  (I could use the help!) 

Advice for grandparents.

Blogging Tips.

Healthy Recipes.

  Tips for organizing your home. 

Funny stories.

I will consider almost anything. I want to learn about you!

Please no marketing links, you can include links to your site and your social networking sites.

All guest posts must be original. No guest posts will be published that have been published elsewhere online 

Please submit guest posts to me at:

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