Saturday, March 15, 2014

One day you're up, the next you're down.

The title of this post sums up life for me and almost everyone I am in contact with lately. This winter feels like it has dragged on forever although there have been brief glimpses of spring. 
Yesterday was one of those days, it was 50 degrees outside, we headed out for a long well long for me walk. I think I managed just over a mile.

 It felt great to breathe in the fresh air, to watch the snow slowly melt away, to feel the sun on my face. For as long as I can remember walking has been a source of relief for me when my stress level has been high and right now my stress level is HIGH!

The last time I posted I was waiting on a brace to be made for my issues foot drop. Here is the end result of that.

I have had differing opinions on if since I have had it, since I have already had surgery on the nerve one doctor thinks it's unlikely the brace will do anything for me (I tend to agree).
However I'm supposed to wear it before the doctor who prescribed it will do surgery on my feet.

I had a Rheumatologist appointment it went well. I'm lucky to have a great doctor who listens to me. He started me on a new medication to treat ongoing pain issues which has been debated to be Fibro but more than likely Sjogren's related issues. 

My husband has been sick for the better part of two weeks now, he rarely gets sick. He had to miss work for a couple of days. Anyone who knows him knows he NEVER does that. I have been avoiding him like the plague other than to get him what he needs. Since my immune system likes to attack me I catch everything, I am still not fully recovered from the virus that sent me to the emergency room the last time. I am having sinus issues and am still fatigued on top of the fatigue I deal with as it is due to Autoimmune Arthritis.

He finally went back to work only to be told his position was being eliminated, he will still be employed but his position will be gone. What will they be doing with him? They don't know! They have no plan, they just eliminated positions with no plans for their people. It's relieving to know they care about their people. (Sarcasm intended)

Our house has been another issue, we had water coming from (what you would think was the roof) but no! It was dripping inside a light fixture, the people we bought the house from two years ago installed the A/C in the attic of all places. We had water dripping into one of the bedrooms and the office coming from the duct work in the ceiling that was fun to clean up.

That was a couple of weeks ago, a few days ago we had a basement full of water! We were told this house had never had a drop of water in it ever!
We spent an entire day/night moving everything out. We were lucky that nothing important was ruined. That put my husband's sickness back a day and put me into a flare.

Our shed was also flooded along with everything inside it.

Today we are back to 30 degrees again, tomorrow and the rest of next week it's supposed to be cold and snow again.

 I don't know when we will see another warm day again I'm glad I didn't waste an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful day no matter how bad I've been feeling. These days come too far in between. 

I don't want you to think geez this lady is a downer! I'm going to quit reading her blog! 

Not everything in life is negative, we know what the problems are, they will get fixed. The weather will improve. I will go out and like everything else in life I will take it one step at a time. These are just a few bumps in the road, I will always have Autoimmune Arthritis, my doctors are great I have a good treatment plan right now. I have an online community who supports me and I can support and I am looking forward to WAAD14. (More to come on that)

I hope life is treating you well, today since it's too cold we are going out for a drive. Maybe we will find something exciting, maybe not but life's too short for me to spend it on the couch.

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