Sunday, February 2, 2014

A Gem of a friend Elizabeth Wald the designer behind Stones in Harmony (WAAD14)

I met my friend Elizabeth almost a year ago on Facebook, from the very beginning I knew she was someone special. We spoke on the phone that day for almost an hour and I learned she also lives with Autoimmune Arthritis. She is an absolutely amazing person and I'm so lucky to have her as a friend! She designs from the heart, each piece is hand crafted and absolutely beautiful!

Her designs include custom medical I.D. bracelets, awareness jewelry and of course all of her beautiful rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets that she makes on a daily basis.

Here is a quote from Elizabeth: "I think it is important that each woman has a sense of self empowerment.  Exercise, loving their job, achieving personal goals no matter how big or small, winning the respect of others and feeling healthy and beautiful are all examples of what I believe portrays the self empowered woman. That is what my jewelry is all about: all it takes is for one letter from a client that tells me "I wear your jewelry every day and the gemstones feel calming and promote my health. Thank you for making me feel beautiful and self empowered".  This is an example of the feedback I get.

In the face of chronic illness, I also hope to INSPIRE women with RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) and Fibromyalgia to continue playing as much as an active role in society as possible, given their limitations.  The story of how I started making RA Awareness Jewelry because I couldn't just sit at home and let it consume me was taken by those who had given up on finding their calling in life or who had considered life to be an impossible place with chronic disease - where someone could actually THRIVE with chronic illness."

Here are pictures of the first bracelets I ever received from Elizabeth, the first is for Lupus awareness

This one I had designed to wear because I'm proud of my volunteer work and the organization and people I work with.

This one was a gift from my husband

The next one Elizabeth made and donated it to IFAA for WAAD13 part of the money from the sales went to IFAA. I had to purchase it because it matched my bracelet.
I'm wearing the next one, I wear it everywhere! I find the stone in it relaxes and calms me.

I have more and as soon as I find the pictures for them I will add those too.

Elizabeth is donating three new pieces for WAAD14 again this year to see the pieces or purchase  one go to:
You can also purchase your WAAD pin and learn how you can be a Proceeds Sponsor!
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