Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Where I've been since my last post

UPDATE: Due to mine and other volunteers ongoing illness I have decided in is in the best interest to cancel my chat scheduled for January 30th, 2014 until we are all recovered from the viruses that have invaded our bodies.

I will post the new date and time asap thank you!

It started with this, yes I know I look bad and I have a rash on my cheek, I don't look much better as I sit here typing this in my pajamas.
I ended up here:

I've been in bed since living off a diet consisting of chicken broth and tea. 

 I also seem to have reverted to a child in the past 2 weeks! My husband came home with a stuffed monkey (pictured below) to cheer me up. Anyone who knows me knows I'm not a stuffed animal person but there's just something about this monkey!

For the past 12 years my dog had been my companions, my source of comfort when I was sick, in pain or recovering from surgery.  As you know we lost him this past summer and at the moment we have no plans to replace him so I guess the monkey has become his surrogate.

A visit to my Rheumatologist, x-rays and a subsequent visit to a Podiatrist confirmed I will require surgery on both feet but before this happens I have to wear a lift/brace on my right foot for an undetermined amount of time. They feel I won't benefit from the foot surgery until they try to correct the foot drop which was caused from the nerve damage after my knee replacement.

Things have been challenging to say the least lately, due to my compromised immune system I seem to be catching and keeping everything that is going around this winter but I will remain positive. 

I have been keeping myself busy (when I'm awake) with volunteer work for IFAA and will be updating you on that shortly. 

For now here is a sneak preview of WAAD14!

I hope you are all well and avoiding the illnesses that seem to be running rampant this winter. Until next time stay well and warm!

p.s. I will be doing a live chat on the IFAA Facebook page this Thursday night. The details are on the poster. See you there!

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  1. Lorna, so sorry you haven't been feeling well. Don't these lousy immune systems stink? Hope you're feeling better soon.

    Thanks for posting all this great info here!


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