Saturday, January 4, 2014

Volunteer for the International Foundation for Autoimmune Arthritis

"The International Foundation for Autoimmune Arthritis is a unique organization in that we aren't run by business executives who consult patients for project development and community need and we aren't patients running the organization who consult business executives as to how to function, project manage, and develop programs. We are both.

IFAA co-founders are former or current business executives and educators who are ALSO patients who came together to establish an organization that addresses the needs of patients today and tomorrow. They have spent the last few years creating the foundation, including an extensive 3-month training course ONLINE for those patients (disabled or not disabled) who are looking to make a BIG difference (estimated time commitment 30-60 minutes a week). After this training volunteers actually help develop and run the programs! You can volunteer from any where in the world, right from your own sofa!

Other volunteer opportunities are also available, including General Volunteering, or signing up to help with fundraising or for World Autoimmune Arthritis Day or to help make and package bracelets. No training is involved in this level of volunteering, just dive in and start helping! 

Here's what a few of our current, Active Volunteers (or those who have gone through the training and help run our programs) say about Volunteering with IFAA:"

“Being a Volunteer with this wonderful “team” has brought me into a realm of advocacy that I could only dream of. Now I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that each day with IFAA means I am truly making a difference.”

“Volunteering with IFAA means being part of a community, having a voice that is heard and that matters, getting caught up in the excitement of projects and information, and having a purpose that is meaningful and far reaching.”

“For years I have felt like an outsider. Part of a club I didn’t want to belong to, a silent, isolated, lonely club. Those running IFAA have been there from day one to answer every question I have & to guide me along the way. They have made me feel like part of the “family”. I feel more powerful than ever, and look forward to being a part of winning this battle against these diseases so people don’t have to fight as hard one day. I’m proud to say I’m a member of IFAA!”

“I had to leave the work force in my 30’s because of autoimmune arthritis, and since then I have felt lost. I have skills and career training, but until I found IFAA I never thought I’d be able to utilize those talents again. They have created an in-depth program that celebrates my personal goals for advocacy all while finding ways to utilize my skills to help our community.”

“Volunteer for IFAA is so much more than “volunteering”. We work together, side by side with the CEO and co-founders, and each volunteer- regardless of how new or seasoned- is treated as an equal. We work on everything from project development to running those programs once funded. I finally feel like I’m making a REAL difference!”

Do you want to learn more about Volunteering with IFAA? Send an email to and put "Volunteer" in the Subject Line. The next full training session interest email goes out tomorrow, so get on the list today!

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