Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Rheumatoid Awareness Day Feb 2. 2014 (RheumPF)

Sunday marks the second annual Rheumatoid Awareness Day. 

You can go back to this article from my local newspaper from a year ago. It was supposed to be an interview with them and me, but they ended up interviewing my husband on the phone. Either way they spoke about RA so something came out of it :)

Please go to the Rheumatoid Patient Foundation's site to read the press release for this years event and to get more information. 

There is #Rheum Chat scheduled on Twitter for 10 am on Saturday February 1st and  a Facebook chat at 11am EST with Dr. John M. Davis from the Mayo Clinic.

Together we can spread awareness. Sunday is Rheumatoid Awareness Day, WAAD14 is on it's way we have the power to make changes together, to educate, if not us who will? Please join us!
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