Friday, March 29, 2013

WEGO Health Activist Writers Challenge

I wanted to let you know ahead of time that starting April 1 , I will be taking part in WEGO healths Activist challenge. It's a time for health activists to write, and share it through social media for 30 days. There's a prompt for each day.

If you would like to be involved there's still time. Go to their site. Here is the link for Facebook.

Versatile Blogger Award

Hi again, as you can see I got bored with my page design, it was starting to look cluttered to me. Anyone who knows me knows I hate clutter. So I took the whole thing down and started over with a DIY template. We'll see how long this lasts, probably a while since I would rather rip out my eyebrow hairs one by one than code. I know there is a small problem on my page with the popular posts titles being cutoff, I gave up trying to fix it so please use your imagination to come up with your own titles :)

On to  the fun stuff, I was nominated for another award, don't worry it won't go to my head. I will still be the same writer I have always been. Bad grammar you bet! 

I spent some time looking for the origins of this award but couldn't find any answers. I would like to say thank you to Jacqelyn from The Non Martha Momma for the award. I'm supposed to tell her 7 things about myself then nominate 15 other bloggers for the award. I guess I won't have to do my one thing you don't know about me this week! Let's get on with it.

1. When I was small really small I ate a snail off the ground, (I hate escargot)
2. I ran away from the first boy who tried to kiss me, I was so scared. It must have been a mile run.
3. I have conversations with my dog, I swear he knows what I'm saying!
4. I love bacon, I'm not a big meat eater but I swear bacon should have its own food group!
5. I hate clutter on my blog, in my house everywhere it drives me crazy
6. I loved the music in the 80's we would all go out dancing in the clubs thinking we were cool
7. I'm not into crowds, I would rather go camping in an RV than a hotel full of people

Now onto the 10 nominated blogs, this was tough. I don't like to exclude anyone so in my mind you're all nominated. My health just doesn't provide me the energy to find and type all of your links in.

1. Vicky from Notes from a Nana she was the first blogger that followed me and is also a very kind. She brightened my day on one of my really down days.

2. Betty from Hoover History Another very kind person, she always leaves helpful comments and her blog is full of information on different topics from food to travel to history.

3. Charlotte from Sublime Mercies her blog focuses on having style when you deal with a disabilty and she covers feminism. She is a thoughtful blogger with a lot of advice on style and anything else you might ask her.

4. Emily from Emily Moir (Sorry to do this to you again) Her blog is about writing, books, and laughing at life. I love reading her posts everyday. She is kind and thoughtful also.

5. Hannah from Hannah Artistry  she is a new blogger who focuses on cosmetics, she is very sweet and always willing to give advice to anyone who asks.

6. Katie from Can I get Another Bottle of Whine reading her blog everyday makes me laugh. She has a wonderful sense of humor. When you deal with Chronic illness like mine you need all the humor you can get. Thanks Katie!

7. Jean from What Jean Likes  I join her Aloha blog hop on a weekly basis which is a lot of fun. She manages to do that, run a website, follows back and comment. She also has amazing style and a big heart.

8. Katie from Dysfunction Junction another blogger who keeps me laughing! I also enjoy her hop and she follows back. Thanks for keeping me laughing Katie!

9.  Alaina from Bullocks Buzz she does product reviews, recipes and various things.

10.  Marianne from Sandling All Day she does product reviews, giveaways and writes about her family. Her pictures are adorable!

The last 5 I'm asking you to nominate your favorite blogs from anywhere even if I'm not following them yet. I will add the links after you give them to me, or you can nominate yourself.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Keeping the disease from taking over. (Blog Carnival Post)

I've been thinking about this a lot since Kelly brought up this topic. I'm writing this post as part of a blog carnival for her website at Rheumatoid Arthritis Warrior.  Over the years my coping skills have changed when dealing with having first one disease and now multiples.

Living with RA, Sjogren's, Raynauds and now Lupus, on top of Migraines, GERD and various other issues is a daunting task. You wake up each day (providing you have slept at all) not knowing what the next challenge is going to be. Can I get out of bed? Can I walk? What parts will cooperate today? You get up because you have to, the world goes on with or without you. You put on your brave face. (I have perfected mine) and get on with the day.

The question is how do you keep the disease from taking over? For me, the answer has changed over the years and changes on a daily basis. I can't plan anything since I don't know how I will be feeling. We say  "Yes" to family occasions or we may buy tickets to attend a concert or whatever the case may be. All of this comes with the added words "it depends on how I'm feeling."

Part of not letting the disease take over is taking care of myself, learning my limits, resting when I need to, drinking enough water and taking my medication on a regular basis. I have had to learn to ask for help (that has been tough for me) I'm very stubborn. I think if you take a look at many other people who blog about RA, Lupus etc, you will find this is a common theme.  It took me almost 25 years to get to this point, but hey at least I'm here now. I've learned to conserve my energy for things that matter the most to me like spending time with my husband, my children, grandchildren, taking some time to enjoy life. Recent events in my life reminded me life is short and a wise women in my life told me "it's your time to dance."

When I was first diagnosed I didn't have time to think about being sick, I was still working and a young mother,  it was a difficult time for me, I was exhausted physically and emotionally. I made it through each day because I had to, one day I will write more on that. I had to stop working outside of the home at least 10 years ago when my health went into a downhill spiral and I had one surgery after another.

Nowadays, I keep busy online with my blog, reading other peoples blogs. I have come to love doing that and met many great people. I do what I can to advocate for Autoimmune Arthritis/Disease and I stay updated on the latest research and treatments. I play games on Facebook or read posts on Twitter when I get overwhelmed, sometimes the last thing I want to think about or read about is illnesses. I do things that keep me occupied and that I enjoy. Music is another distraction for me, it can change my mood in seconds. 

When the weather heats up,we go on day trips or just sit outside and enjoy the warm weather. I feel so much better in the summertime, winter is a bad time for those of is in cold climates with Autoimmune Arthritis/Disease.

I know I have said this before but I will continue to say, I have these diseases they do not have me. No matter how sick I get I will continue to find new ways to live my life each day. I have done it for 25 years and will continue for the next 25 plus.

Monday, March 25, 2013

I need some advice from all of you!

I will be the first to admit I'm stuck in a rut, I have been wearing the same "style" of hair for as long as I can remember. My illness is progressing and it's getting harder to take care of and the Lupus, RA, or Sjogren's is starting to make it fall out a little bit. Since so many of you that I follow have great style. I would like your suggestions on what cut you think would look the best on me. I really don't like short hair on me, but I'm willing to listen to all style and color suggestions. I'm thinking of adding posts with pictures of my clothes to get tips on putting outfits together, my style consists of jeans and whatever shirt I throw on. If I'm home it's pj's until I have to go out otherwise I'm not comfortable due to the joint pain etc.

Thank you for your help!

Here is my hair over the years.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

I won, I won! Liebster Award Post

Sorry, Sally Field flashback. This is my first award, I'm excited, honored, and frankly amazed to be receiving it. When I started this blog a few months ago, I didn't think anyone would read it. I hoped people would, my entire purpose is to try and raise awareness for RA, Sjogren's Raynauds, Lupus and all the other Autoimmune Arthritis diseases out there. I started out only talking about my days with the disease then realized that is not who I am, to truly represent myself on here, I need to blog about my day to day life. I live with these illnesses, they have changed my life a lot but I still have a life. Some days things may seem negative and some more positive. That is a more realistic representation of living with chronic illness. One day you're up the next you're flat on your back. For that matter it could be one minute you're up the next you're down :) 

I won't be doing my weekly one thing you don't know about me this week, this post should cover it :) I'm in the process of letting my nominees know I nominated them. I still have to add the award to my page. I thought it was about time I got the rest of this finished though.

Don't you love how I stay on topic? This was supposed to be about the Liebster award!

Marianne from Sandling all Day nominated me. This award will be more special to me than any other I might possibly get. Why? because another blogger gave it to me. The opinions of other bloggers, comments, friendships, matter greatly to me. Thank you all for being a part of my site.  A special thank you again to Marianne for nominating me. Check out her site at the link above, there are all kind of great giveaways and other great things to see there!

So, I'm supposed to answer these 11 questions that she asked me and here they are:

1. Favorite Movie?  Yikes, only one? I just saw We Bought a Zoo I thought it was really good. The Hangover used to be my favorite, now I have grandchildren and my movie tastes have changed :)

2. One wish. Any wish.  What is it? To be healthy again and feel no pain, since I can't have that for everyone else to be healthy and feel no pain.

3. How old are you? 49 but shhhh

4. Are you willing to be facebook friends with other bloggers? Yes, I already have a couple.

5. Do you enter giveaways to win, only to help other bloggers, or not at all? A bit of both

6. How many giveaways have you WON this year? (2013) One so far

7. Kids?  if yes, how many...if no, do you want them? I have 2 grown kids

8. You see something on another blog (you don't know the blogger) that you feel is an 'ethical' violation. What do you do?  I would probably send them an e-mail, it depends on what it is.

9. Do you have any other awards? No, unless being the best mom, wife and nana count :)

10. As a blogger, are you willing to share your review contacts with others? (provided it's ok with the client)  I would be, if I ever get that far in blogging.

11. Favorite memory as a child  Going away for 2 weeks on a small boat with my family and being stuck inside because it was raining most of the time. Playing with playdoh, playing games.

Now on to 11 fact about me

1. I am terrified of snakes, I won't even look at them on the t.v. or a movie
2. I love horses we had one growing up, my mom fed it apples all the time like it was our pet
3. I don't like to wear dresses, no idea why I just don't most of the time I wear jeans
4. I've never tried Lobster
5. I would love to go for a ride in a real racecar
6. I have been married for almost 13 years
7. I'm addicted to LaffyTaffy, except the banana flavored ones
8. I use to build computers top to bottom, bottom to top? Don't ask me now. Some days I can't remember my name!
9.I'm a bookworm, what an odd term, where did the worm come from?
10.I love snowglobes, I'm not sure where that started
11. I don't like tomato soup, but love tomatoes, how strange is that?

Now on to the 11 blogs I'm nominating this one took me a while, trying to find people with less than 200 GFC followers isn't an easy task. All of these people are worthy and you should give them a follow as well.

Last but not least my 11 questions for the nominated Blogs:

1. Why did you create a blog?
2.  On average how much time a week do you spend blogging or doing blog related   activities?

3. What is your favourite season, and why?

4. What do you like most about youself?

5. Who is the most important person in your life?.

6. What type of music do you listen to most?

7. What is your most prized possession? 

8. What is the one thing that gets on your nerves? 

9. What do you love most about your followers?

10. Have you become close friends with any of your followers?

11. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Kid Rock and Bob Seger what a night!

So this happened!

Kid Rock and Bob Seger performing together on the same stage! They did a two night special performance one in Minneapolis and one here in Fargo. I was still in bed sick and hubby came home with these:

My Husband is a big Bob Seger fan and I'm a Kid Rock fan. Don't get me wrong I like Seger too! They weren't the best seats since it was last minute but it was Kid Rock and Bob Seger! I figured since it was a once in a lifetime experience I would drag myself out of bed and go. The last few years I have had one surgery after another and have missed so many things. It's time to do what I want, medication or no medication!

I'm so glad I did, it was great. Kid Rock did about a 75 minute show. Then Bob Seger came out and did another 80 minutes or so, I was surprised at how good he is still for his age. After Seger was finished. Kid Rock came back out and The two of them performed four songs together. The funniest thing was watching Seger doing Kid Rock's "Forever." I have been wiped out ever since, it sure was worth it though!

We were kind of far away and unfortunately my camera died when the two of them performed together, you can see their performances on youtube I think a few people recorded them. Here are the best pictures I took:

Spring? My calendar is broken!

It seems to be a recurring theme. No matter how many notes or pictures I take I'm still behind. My energy level seems to be at an all time low. Ideas come easy to me, typing them out not so much. I tried speaking to my computer, that was quite an experience! It did not understand one word I said! With that said here is my attempt at this weeks post.

People tell me, (Meteorologists, newspapers, various others around the country) that spring is here. My calendar is trying to convince me of this as well. Let me tell all of you, I don't believe it! I have proof! I crawled out from under the covers, and looked out the window and this is what I saw:

Take that Meteorologists! Last year at this time I remember sitting outside in 70 degree weather, I don't know what's happening here but if anyone sees the groundhog tell him someone is looking for him!

Friday, March 15, 2013

My weekly one thing

On to week four, where did the week go? I'm still in bed sick hiding under the covers waiting for the snow to melt. We have a weather advisory for the next 24 hours, a mix of freezing rain and snow. Mother nature can't make up her mind! Seriously who came up with that name? It must have been a man. :)

I hope wherever you are, you are enjoying plenty of sunshine. Have a great weekend!

Thanks to all of you new and old for following me. I'm enjoying all of your blogs and look forward to getting to know you!

This weeks "one thing you don't know about me." I'm vertically challenged. My husband says I'm short! HaI I stand 5"1 inches tall! There are advantages, I'm closer to the ground to pick things up. On the other hand, I need a stepstool to reach the top shelves of my cupboards!

Feel free to tell me one thing about you, have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Slacking? Me? Never!

Okay, I'll admit it I'm way behind on my posts. I barely made it through last week, and here we are halfway through another week! Luckily? wait that's not the correct term here. Excuse me for a moment, my brain kind of like my computer froze. I'm in bed where I have been for the past two days. I seem to have caught an evil bug that has taken over my body. My head feels like someone has taken a hammer to it. I feel like someone is sitting on top of me and I have run a marathon. Run a marathon? I wish! my nose, wait! We don't want to talk about that on here!

This on top of a flare, I'm not sure if it's RA, Lupus or Sjogren's, at this point it really doesn't matter does it? I have a deep stabbing, aching pain in my joints. My fingers are tight and stiff. I am cold to the core. Who turned off the heat? "Spring is coming, spring is coming" Repeat, Repeat until you look out the window and see the icicles hanging from your roof and the snow piled up outside your window. Run, wait, too tired. Walk, close the curtains quick and hibernate for a few more weeks!

Let's not even talk about the fatigue. I barely have the energy to walk to the bathroom, but I can't sleep due to the pain. Okay fine, let's try the power of positive thinking. I have been doing that since I was diagnosed with RA. "You are not sick, you do not have an evil bug, your body does not hate you, I feel better, I am better, I am fine, I am not tired, I don't hurt, ok let's try getting out of bed now! I can positively report I am still sick and am now dizzy as well!

This is the reason I'm behind on my posts, why I haven't been social on any of the social media sites. Social in real life? Forget it!  

I can't remember where I was even going with this post! it was supposed to be a catch up post, now it is turning into "I hope you don't catch this." Seriously I hope you don't!

Since I spent all of last week around germ infested humans. People who coughed, sneezed feeling the need to spread their breed of nastiness to me. I'm not sure whether to go gift it back to them, or smack them for not knowing any better.

I'm still off topic! What was the topic? I'm not on medication I swear! It's a good thing, this would be even worse! Speaking of medication, my insurance company still hasn't felt the need to get off of their butts and give me my medication pre-authorization. The waiting continues, I can't take it now anyway thanks to this bug!

Back to the original topic, here are a couple of pictures from last week. We attended our grandson's school concert. As you can see the roads were not great, we had blowing snow and it was slick out there. We had about an hours drive each way. Both boys were awesome as always. I remember as a child I hated performing in front of people. I still do, I would rather be quietly behind the scenes. I have always been a fairly quiet person. Part of that was going to school in Britain, it was frowned upon to talk in class at all. When we moved, I remember every report card there were complaints that I didn't speak enough. My grandsons are the opposite, they are hams and love the spotlight. I am more amazed by them everyday.

If you have read this far, thank you! I know I'm rambling. I hope by my next post I will have my thoughts together. I can't promise that though!

Have a great rest of the week!

Friday, March 8, 2013

One thing you don't know about me

I started this the first week I started hopping. Here is week three of one thing you don't know about me.

When I was young I danced. We used to do Scottish Country dancing. Dancing was a huge part of my life. It gave me a way to express myself, I felt free and forgot all my worries when I danced. When I grew up, I went out with friends dancing. We would go line dancing, I would dance at home. I would dance in my chair! When I was diagnosed with RA, my hands and knees were the first joints to be affected and dancing hasn't been the same for me since. I've had my right knee replaced and I'm hoping with new medication, I'll be out on that dance floor again soon!

What is one thing I wouldn't know about you? 

My week in pictures

This week has been a busy one for me. Most of the time when I'm in a flare I stay home. I am still waiting for pre-authorization on Humira from my insurance company. It has been a month since I have taken any medication for RA. In the meantime, my pain and fatigue is at an all time high.

Here is the first part of my week in pictures.

Sunday: The grandkids came over for the day, we had a great time coloring, playing games, and eating pizza as you can see by the youngest ones face :) I wish I could bottle up their energy! 

Sunday night, I went out with my son Brian, and his Fiancee Ami to see Identity Thief starring Melissa Mcarthy at our local movie theater. She is one of my favorite comedic actresses. It was a pretty good movie. Ami, called Friday night to tell us her and Brian were engaged. We couldn't be happier! There is nothing in life that I could hope for than both my sons to grow up and marry wonderful women.If something happened to me tomorrow, I know both my sons are with kind hearted, loving, wonderful women.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

My dog is stubborn! I wonder where he gets it?

Do you ever wonder what your dog is thinking? I sure do lately. My dog just passed the 12 year mark last November and I swear the older he gets the more stubborn he gets! Don't let his innocent looks fool you!

He loves snow, he will go outside, lay in it, roll around and eventually get around to coming in when he is good and ready.

Last night my husband was at work and he wanted out. He goes about his usual routine, rolling, eating snow, laying around. I'm standing at the door watching him, it's cold out 8 degrees. He never wanders off,  he doesn't care if another dog, cat or anything else walks by. He will lay there and snub his nose at them.

My leg is getting sore, so I call him in. He looks at me, gets up and lays back down! Totally ignoring me. He has been doing that a lot lately, we know his hearing is still great, just shake the dog cookie bag from anywhere and he is there. I put my shoes on, no coat, figuring it will only take a moment, turn around and grab my cellphone and go outside. I'm now walking towards him telling him to come in, he's still ignoring me! Finally, when I'm standing right in front of him he decides maybe I mean business, he gets up and heads to the house. 

I head back, I'm almost to the steps and boom I go down sideways into a snowbank. I manage to get up and into the house and sit here now with a sore knee (The knee I had surgery on) and a twisted ankle. My hubby asks me if I learned anything from this? I said "yes, the dog is trying to get rid of me and it's cold outside."

Friday, March 1, 2013

It's that time again.

I've been "hopping" for a week now, and discovered so many wonderful blogs.This experience has been very exciting so far. I'm looking forward to finding many more of your great blogs.

I said on week one, every week I would write something you didn't know about me. Here goes. I was born far far away, in a place you may have heard of, called Scotland. We moved when I was young, and I don't remember much. I do remember it being beautiful with huge hills and lakes and I would love to go back one day. I think that's why I love summer so much, going for a drive, finding a lake, any lake, I think it's a part of me.

Feel free to comment and tell me one thing I wouldn't know about you.