Saturday, November 2, 2013

IFAA Designer Awareness Bracelet Sale, Don't miss out!

If you've been reading my blog for a while you know I'm an active volunteer for The International Foundation for Autoimmune Arthritis or IFAA/IAAM. What you may or may not know is IFAA started out as "The Buckle me up Movement," in IFAA founder Tiffany Westrich-Robertson's own living room. Tiffany used one of her many talents to create an awareness bracelet for Autoimmune Arthritis, she wore the bracelet to an Arthritis walk, someone saw the bracelet and shared it on their blog. Since that day the movement to create awareness took off. What started out in Tiffany's living room from frustration due to the lack of people understanding Autoimmune Arthritis, it has blossomed into a full blown foundation.  IFAA's mission is early detection, resulting in early referrals, which leads to early treatment, which equals a chance to achieve remission.

All of the jewelry Tiffany creates is unique, and comfortable! Here are a few pictures of mine. 

The Original Bracelet

All of my Amazing Jewelry!

I am proud to be a volunteer with IFAA, we all live with the difficulties Autoimmune Arthritis brings, together our organization runs 24 hours a day.  When one person is having a bad flare there is another volunteer to step in and take over from another part of the world. 

You may have noticed I haven't posted much recently. I have been having more issues with my eyes due to Sjogren's Syndrome. My vision has become more blurry and looking at a computer screen is increasingly difficult. Winter in Minnesota has barely begun and I am feeling the effects of the dry eyes, dry skin and I am having nose bleeds. 

My hands and feet are turning that wonderful shade of purple which means Raynauds has reared its ugly head. How many days until summer?  I am also finding it harder to type as the joints in my hands hurt, they are swollen and sore most of the time due to a continuos flare. My last doctors visit confirmed what I suspected, I need surgery on at least one of my feet. The conversation went something  like this, "You can wear bigger shoes, or have surgery." I chose until as least after the holidays to wear bigger shoes, actually I said I will wear clown shoes if I need to! There are too many things going on right now I don't have time to have surgery.  This is the reality of Autoimmune Arthritis. I continue to work with my doctor to find the right combination of medication, I continue to get up and battle these diseases everyday as I have for 26 years. One day I hope because of IFAA someone won't have to fight so hard for so long.

Thanks for your continued support I truly appreciate it and although I don't comment as much these days I do read your blogs and look at your pictures.

One last thing, if any of you with Autoimmune Arthritis would like to write for the official blog of IFAA Systemically Connected please send me an email at

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  1. Thanks for doing all that you do, despite what sounds like huge challenges at the moment. I hope you also get time to take care of yourself, and that the symptoms subside a little too.


  2. Like the last bracelet, good thing that its for a cause!


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