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Patients for a Moment (PFAM) Change

Welcome to the October blog carnival edition of  Patients for a Moment. This month's topic is change.

There were a lot of amazing and different responses, I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did.

Here is a portion from Shruti from Lifestyles of the Ill and and (Mostly) Blameless.

Her Post is titled "Everything has Changed."

"To say  “everything has changed” might sound a little melodramatic, but the truth is that very few things are the same as they were before. Every hour of waking time is different from what waking time was like before. Sleeping hours, when I manage to sleep in the first place, are also a whole different situation. My relationships – with friends, family, and potential partners – have all changed too. People think that dealing with a chronic illness means just dealing with the physical illness and maybe its mental effects like the frustrating brain fog that makes me forgetful. Oh and maybe the inconvenience of swallowing lots of medications.. but there’s a lot more to it than that."

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Rhiann from My Brain Lesion and Me titled her post "A Life Changed Through Illness"

Here is a sneak peek:
 "But how has it changed my life? This is a great question, especially the long-term condition which I live with started during infancy. In this instance the changes have been more subtle; slowly progressing but changes nonetheless. Before my condition started progressing and becoming worse, I had no problems with walking, sure, my legs started feeling stiff and uncomfortable but other than that I could walk fine. Then, the condition progressed, making my balance worse as well as worsening pain and weakness in my legs. And as a result mobility accessories was another change that presented itself in my life – first was my cane, then the crutch and now I rely on a wheelchair when I go out.

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Mary from Mary-Andering Creatively titled her post "Change Came with my Diagnosis of
Psoriatic Arthritis and Fibromyalgia"

Here is a preview:

"Finally, I went to my doctor. I didn’t go often in those days. I was young and life seemed good. I loved camping, fishing, and walking in my neighborhood. I loved working with my students trying to entice them to read.  I had only one dark cloud hanging over me and that was an abusive husband, but another dark cloud was coming into my life that day in the doctor’s office. She took a look at my x-rays and said with a sad voice, “I am so sorry, but you have the knees of a 60-year-old.”
Those words floored me. How was that possible?  How could I have damaged my knees just by laying some tile on a Saturday afternoon?  I remember thinking maybe I shouldn’t have stayed at it so long, taken more frequent breaks.  I asked her how this could have happened."

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The next entry comes from Chronic Rants, with the same site name. Her post is titled "When or if I get better"

Here's a preview:

"So now when I talk about getting “better” I’m not referring to being 100% healthy. I’m just talking about getting back to where I was a few years ago. I’m talking about being well enough to work and date and travel and go out with friends. I’m talking about being able to do laundry and cook and leave the house all in the same day."

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The next Submission is from Iris Carden of Sometimes it is Lupus she titled her post  "Living in Cyberspace"

Here is a Preview:

"I try to do as much as I can on the internet, to save my "real world" energy for things I really want to do. Doing my groceries on-line means I can save some energy and avoid some pain, so I can go out with friends, or cook dinner for my family, or spend time with my baby granddaughter.

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Here is Barbara Kivowitz from In Sickness as in Health. Her  submission is titled "When Patient Becomes Caregiver" Here is a preview:

"I am the patient, the ill partner, the survivor. Call me what you will. I am the one with a chronic pain condition. A lot of the time I feel OK and go out into the world to work, buy food, or just go for a walk. Sometimes I feel like broken glass is sloshing around my insides, and I become very quiet while all my concentration goes into seeking a position in which I can feel a bit of relief."

The next submission comes from AutoimmuneGal. Her post is titled "Achieving My Goals...On the Football Field." Here is a preview:

"I have found that adaptability is a good trait to develop (if you aren't already blessed with it) when you have autoimmune disease. I realize it's news to few of you but, for most of us, having a chronic illness means that you have much less control over your life. How you feel varies on a day to day basis and making plans in advance can be futile.

I have had to work on becoming adaptable. It's not in my nature. I like to set a goal, apply laser focus, and accomplish it within a specific timeframe. If only life were still so simple now. Becoming adaptable has meant finding new interests or enjoying my previous hobbies in different ways.  I used to play sports, exercise, go to the gym. These days exercising no longer means competitive sports or going for a run and pushing myself to the limit. I'm lucky to exercise at all."

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This submission comes from Abigail Cashelle her site is called Hidden Courage. She titled her post "PFAM How has Your Life Changed."

Here is a preview: 

"It’s a really hard question for me to answer. I got sick around the same time I came of age. I first started noticing symptoms around my second to last year of high school but didn’t start seeing a physician until the summer between high school and college. It’s a period of life where a lot of things are changing. So, sure, illness changed a lot of what that looked like. But it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what’s different."

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Thank you to everyone your posts are amazing and inspiring. I hope everyone reading them enjoys them as much as I did.

One final note, you might have noticed my post is missing. My life continues to be crazy, it is my hope to have my submission up today.

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