Sunday, October 6, 2013

Patients for a Moment (PFAM) Call for Submissions!

Hi everyone! I'm happy to be hosting the October edition of PFAM. This months topic is change. This leaves it wide open for interpretation. How has your life changed since your diagnosis? How have you maintained your relationships? Maybe you don't want to delve that deep, you could go as simple as how changes in the weather make you feel.

 Having a chronic illness changes your life in many ways both good and bad. I know there has been plenty in mine. I look forward to reading everyone's responses to this topic!

Sorry I'm late in posting this, so if you could get your submissions to me by midnight on October 15th that will be great, maybe even a little longer if needed. 

UPDATE: The deadline has been extended to October 20, 2013 

You might need this too!

Please include your name
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