Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Rheumie Appointment, Heatwave, My body has been invaded.

Hey, I'm still here! I know I said I would be posting all these updates etc.  I can't seem to get my body to cooperate it decided to attack me yet again. 

Yesterday I saw my Rheumie, it went fairly quick,  something like this:

Dr. Rheum: "How is your medication working?" 

Me: "I can't really tell I have been too stressed and flared to notice a difference."

Dr. Rheum: "Does this hurt"? (He pokes my neck and back and arms)

Me: Trying not to yell out in pain. I failed!

Dr. Rheum: "You're in rough shape, or something to that effect."

I left with a new prescription to help with Sjogren's. My eyes have been so dry that it has caused my vision to blur.  
Then I'm off to bloodwork and to book another appointment.

We now have 5 hours of running around town between appointments. I have this nasty bug it
 has crawled into my throat, nose and head. I feel like I swallowed a watermelon, every sip of water burns my throat, I can barely breathe. My head feels like it is going to explode. 
I had a bad dream I saw Hannah Montana dancing with a bunch of teddy bears on MTV the other night! What other explanation could there be for that than this bad virus? It can't be reality!

It has been a week of 90 degree weather plus humidity. I shouldn't complain, soon we will be buried in snow and I will be begging to be flown to another state. I swear a part of me melted onto the tailgate of our truck at the dirt track Friday night. 

I will TRY and get back on track here soon, in the meantime if you can suggest a hosting site to me that would be great. I will leave you with a quote from the sign my son and his fiancee gave me the other day. " Ever stop to think and forget to start again"

That's me in a nutshell the past few months!

I do have a guest post that will be up tomorrow stay tuned
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  1. I'm sorry you'r having a rough time. I hope the new medication helps!

    I just got referred to a new rheumy. He said, let's forget what your past doctor (rheumy) said. He is now testing me "to see if I have an autoimmune disease", otherwise he will treat my fibromyalgia. Seeing as there is no effective treatment, I figure he must be in league with a drug company. Meanwhile, my eyes are drier than the Sahara! I don't know how doctors think they are helping when they try to throw out a diagnosis you have had for 11 years. Needless to say, if he's just going to treat my fibromyalgia, I won't bother going back.

    I hope to stay up to date with your blog now I figured out the sign-up!

    Take care,

    1. I'm so sorry Jane! I can't understand how a doctor can ignore that! That's the first thing this doctor looked at. I brought him my file with my previous doctor's notes in and he sat and read them all. I wouldn't be too confident in someone who wouldn't take the time to listen to another person's diagnosis. I hope you get a better doctor, it took me about 10 bad ones to get to this good one. My eyes are horrible right now as well. My optometrist recommended Salese drops they help a little, more than the prescription ones did for me. Let me know how things go, I will check back with you too as long as my brain fog allows me to remember to!

  2. Oh no, hope you are feeling better soon both from the bug and your joints! Take care of yourself and hope you can rest up.

    1. Thanks Tanya! I will try as soon as I can get my body to slow down lol I hope you are well!


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