Thursday, July 11, 2013

First Blog Strut Peacock Style Link Party

Thank you for joining us for our Friday Rule-free Peacock Strut!

There are no rules or requirements for posting other than content must be family friendly and all giveaways must be posted to our separate giveaway/contest link.

Get on out there and link up your DIY projects, decorating ideas, recipes, tutorials, tips of all sorts, crafts, challenges and articles. Any type post goes! The sky's the limit so post as many posts as you want.


We ask that you please share some love with with your hosts and co-hosts and the posts before and after yours so everyone has a chance to strut their stuff. Have a great time and Party On!!!

Hosts for the Blog Strut

My Personal Accent: DIY Eclectic Guide to Life

Disney Memory
Autograph Book Tutorial

Modern Mid-Century
Lamp Up-dated and Luxurious

The Whimsical Peacock PEACOCKdiaries

Announcing the grand
opening of the Whimsical
Peacock Store on Studio 6

Co-Hosts for Blog Strut Home Decor Ideas Affordable and Simple

Thinking Outside the
(Decorating) Box

Life with RA is a Pain

Keeping the Disease
From Taking Over

Sunshine Penpals

It's Almost Time!

Honorary Co-Hosts for Blog Strut

The Whimsical Peacock Jr

Mixed Media Art Doll

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  1. Love your new blog design. When did you get it? Thanks for co-hosting the hop.

    1. Thanks Mary! I think maybe a month or so ago now. With everything going on my brain is a bit foggy. I love it too, Kristin did a great job with just a few comments from me of what in my head" I would like it to look like. thanks for stopping by!


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