Monday, April 8, 2013

WEGO Health Writers Activist Challenge Day 8 I(f my disease were an animal)

Today's questions, if my health condition was an animal what would it be? I asked for suggestions from my Facebook family on this one. I imagined the animal to be fast, ugly, mean and one that attacks you viciously. From Pam came a Hippo, from my future daughter in law Ami came a Bear and a Camel. From my cousin in Scotland came an Ostrich (Happy Birthday) and my cousin in Australia suggested a Tazmanian Devil, and last but not least my husband's suggestion the one thing I'm most scared of, snakes!

I will go have nightmares now!

Ultimately I decided to create my own out of these suggestions, called a Tazcamanian-hippostrisnake

The Hippo is heavy, much like my body feels with the joint pain and fatigue on a daily basis.

A camel stores water, I have to store water due to Sjogren's, I can't be without for any period of time.

Ostriches are fast, much like the onset of these diseases, they use their rudders to change direction,  I think of that as being unpredictable, you can't predict the future with these diseases, one day you could be having a good day, the next you're flat on your back.

Tasmanian Devils unlike the cutesy cartoon one, is just plain evil and vicious, it is ugly like all of these diseases and attacks you when you least expect it.

A snakes bite can be deadly and poisonous like the medications we take for these diseases. They sneak up on you for some people the onset of these diseases sneak up slowly.

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