Tuesday, April 30, 2013

WEGO Health Activist Writers Challenge Day 30 (I did It!) (World Autoimmune Arthritis Day)

Here is today's prompt, "You made it! 30 posts in 30 days! Today, write a recap of your experience. What was your favorite prompt? Least favorite? What have you learned?"

My favorite prompts are easy! I loved making lists of people to follow, they are the people I follow on Twitter, Facebook and through their blogs. They all inspire me they are strong, kind and funny! 

These two days were my favorites: Day 14 Share the love
                                                            Day 28  Must follow  

My least favorite? I don't really know what to say here, maybe it was the one I found most difficult.
Most difficult: Day 21 Adversity

This entire experience has been a positive one, sometimes my anxiety has been through the roof. There were days I didn't think I would have anything to post. I drove my husband crazy, I'm sure he is glad it's over. Thanks hubby!

It's a good thing I planned ahead and wrote several posts in one day. I had a feeling there would be times I wouldn't have time to write. I'm so glad I did, I would not have finished otherwise. 

I have "met" so many wonderful people through this challenge, I will continue to follow and get to know them long after this challenge ends.

I have learned about a lot of conditions other than mine, I have seen amazing strength and courage. I have been amazed by the talent of the writers.  I have learned to have more fun. Thank you WEGO health for allowing me this opportunity! 

I can't sign off of this challenge without once again reminding you to sign up for World Autoimmune Arthritis Day.  Registration is free, you can buy a pin to show your support. The event is on May 20th, 2013 so you still have time to spread the word as well. 
If you would like to read more about it, check my previous posts or go to the website

Here is a link to a wonderful article written by a fellow activist, I wanted to share. I think it is amazing! 

Here's Your Gold Watch Rheutired

Thanks for all of your support!


  1. Thanks Lorna, for linking to the post about WAAD. It was a happy surprise to see it when I read your post.
    Congratulations on a full 30 days of blogging. That is a real feat to do with so much else that goes on in your life. It was most enjoyable to read such a variety of responses to the same prompts.
    Prompts are a big help sometimes. The prompt presents you with a small puzzle and you want to find the most eloquent solution.

    Good accomplishment

    1. No problem Annette! I loved your post! I agree with you on the prompts, now that I have had a break for a day my mind feels like "mush."
      I hope I can remember what to write, without being prompted lol
      Thanks for your comment and kind words as always!

  2. I'm glad to meet you on Linkin with my Ladies. I have DIL and other conditions, so it's encouraging to find other ladies fighting with auto-immunity. God bless

    1. Thank you for stopping by my page Lisa, I'm always glad to "meet" other people dealing with the issues I am as well.
      I hate to hear you have to deal with it in the first place, it's just good to know we are not alone in this battle.

  3. Hi Lorna~ I just wanted to stop by and Thank you again for nominating me for The Liebster Award. I have answered your questions and nominated my 11:) Thanks again and have a great week~ Hope your enjoying the beautiful weather~Lynn @ Turnips 2 Tangerines

    1. You're welcome, I will stop by and read your answers in a little while!
      I hope you're having a great week as well! Yes, Finally great weather I hope it stays :)

  4. I'm so glad you were able to finish the challenge. It must feel great. Hope you have a great day!

    Heidi’s Wanderings

    1. Thank you Heidi, it does feel great! I hope you have a great day as well. Thank you for stopping by.


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