Sunday, April 7, 2013

WEGO Health Activist Writers Challenge Day 7 (Ridiculous Cures) I'll Take Chocolate!

Today's topic, share a ridiculous headline or cure about my conditions. Where to start? I could start with a real story, I won't name names though. Someone who is no longer in my life, I believe was trying to help me? (I'm not so sure now,) swore if they sprayed WD-40 on my arms and legs my joints would loosen up, and I would be better. I was young and rather gullible at the time, so I allowed it, let's just say my joints still hurt and I stunk for days!

How about, "it's mind over matter." While I do believe in keeping a positive attitude, I'm positive what I have can't be cured or treated without the proper medications. If it could I would be running marathons by now.

There are ads for juices, vegan diets, on a daily basis on t.v. if they really worked then we wouldn't need our doctors. I have made changes in my diet, there are certain foods that bother me, so I avoid them so far that has not "cured me."

People make comments all the time, so and so took this and they are better, you should try it. I'm guessing that person's disease activity is not as active as mine right now, I'm happy for them! Until my doctor tells me otherwise, I will continue to follow his advice, unless? 
Does someone out there have a "cure" involving chocolate, laffytaffy, bacon or popcorn, if you're reading this, call me, I'm in! :)

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