Saturday, March 2, 2013

My dog is stubborn! I wonder where he gets it?

Do you ever wonder what your dog is thinking? I sure do lately. My dog just passed the 12 year mark last November and I swear the older he gets the more stubborn he gets! Don't let his innocent looks fool you!

He loves snow, he will go outside, lay in it, roll around and eventually get around to coming in when he is good and ready.

Last night my husband was at work and he wanted out. He goes about his usual routine, rolling, eating snow, laying around. I'm standing at the door watching him, it's cold out 8 degrees. He never wanders off,  he doesn't care if another dog, cat or anything else walks by. He will lay there and snub his nose at them.

My leg is getting sore, so I call him in. He looks at me, gets up and lays back down! Totally ignoring me. He has been doing that a lot lately, we know his hearing is still great, just shake the dog cookie bag from anywhere and he is there. I put my shoes on, no coat, figuring it will only take a moment, turn around and grab my cellphone and go outside. I'm now walking towards him telling him to come in, he's still ignoring me! Finally, when I'm standing right in front of him he decides maybe I mean business, he gets up and heads to the house. 

I head back, I'm almost to the steps and boom I go down sideways into a snowbank. I manage to get up and into the house and sit here now with a sore knee (The knee I had surgery on) and a twisted ankle. My hubby asks me if I learned anything from this? I said "yes, the dog is trying to get rid of me and it's cold outside."


  1. Visiting from Our Everyday Harvest and following you back. Looks like you didn't have the best day either.

  2. our dog SITS when we want to go somewhere and we call him over and over and he just sits there! the boys have to get him a treat and then he comes not sure if he is stubborn spoiled or smart.

  3. We have 7 dogs and they each have their own personalities! I'm sorry about your health problems. My aunt has RA and I know how difficult it can be. I like your post and believe my readers would too. Would you consider linking up with me at

    Blessings to you from Teresa at

    1. 7 dogs! That would be a handful. We had 3 when we lived on the farm. I'm sorry to hear about your aunt, yes it can be difficult. Ty for the kind invite and I'm on my way!

      Have a wonderful weekend.


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