Saturday, February 16, 2013

Now for something completely different

What in the world wide web is a meme? Yes I remember when the Internet was called the world wide web. The interweb. What the heck? Sometimes ideas don't fly out of my head, when they do by the time I go to write, the thought is gone. Yay for brain fog! 

That is where the meme comes in. "Can't think of an idea for your blog?" A meme is a great idea! Okay then. Meme, who is he/she. Mini me? Meme from the Drew Carey Show. Add a meme! Please, I'm still trying to figure out how to tweet! Google plus? come on I can barely figure out Google regular! 

Maybe I should just ask my 4 year old grandson to take care of all my online business from now on! All of my grandsons can pick up an electronic device. Play with an angry bird. (Why would you want to play with an angry bird?), and BUY items from the app store. HINT: password protect your devices.

So for now, happy tweeting, googling, and face booking. Although I'm still not sure why people want to book a face. I'd rather book a vacation!


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