Monday, February 11, 2013

Blizzards, Dogs, Cancelled Appointment

Today I thought I would be able to write about my Rheumatology appointment. I was actually looking forward to going. That's a first for me since I dread appointments for the most part. However, after my first meeting with this new Rheumie I was feeling optimistic. The other reason I was looking forward to going, was the Leflunomide has been making me extremely nauseated. It hasn't been doing much for me so I was hoping for some suggestions from him. Due to the unfortunate timing of mother nature, that didn't happen. By the way, whose bright idea was it to name it "mother nature".  (Sorry random thought) . Feel free to answer if you would like. I love commentary from all of you! 

We had an early warning of a potential blizzard, I think this year we have had 5 or 6. Not much has come of them most of the snow has generally missed us. I was well prepared to go my hubby had the day off, no problems ahead that we could predict. Boy were we wrong! We had at minimum 17 inches of snow in a 24 hour period. All of the roads were closed, my husband went to work yesterday at 4pm and was to be home at midnight. That didn't happen either. He was stuck at work till 8am. The next shift couldn't get in and his couldn't get out. Our dog was miserable all night, pacing and wanting out constantly. He loves snow, he loves eating it and rolling around in it. Unfortunately for him, right now it is too deep and he can't walk in it. I sure as heck can't lift an 80 pound dog. That would be one heck of a sight to see, me and my dog laying on a snowpile fighting to get back to the house. It was a very long sleepless night all around.

On the positive end, I called my Rheumies office this afternoon and they rescheduled me for tomorrow afternoon. I couldn't believe how quickly they got me in. I'm not going to complain though. I'm just going to get there, and I hope to be able to write a positive post about my second experience in the next few days. Until then, wherever you are stay warm, or cool depending on where you are. Just stay safe this has been such an odd year for weather and it has barely begun.

Here are a few pictures of the snowstorm for you to enjoy? peruse, look at.

I'm not sure I named this post correctly, a more appropriate title may be, rambling thoughts, lack of sleep.

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