Tuesday, January 29, 2013

No more snow days just everyday with an Autoimmune Disease

Yesterday morning I woke up barely able to move. Let me start again. Yesterday afternoon I woke up barely able to move. You see, I have been up pretty much every night till 5 in the morning. When most people are getting up for work I'm still trying to go to sleep. Not by choice mind you. We have a word for this in the RA/RD community, it's known as "painsomnia". Anyway, I looked out the window and it was raining. Rain in Minnesota in January! That explained it all! Weather changes. That always makes my pain worse. A couple of hours later it began to snow. It didn't stop for the rest of the day.

The weather is almost like a day in the life with an Autoimmune Disease. You wake up foggy. Eventually if you are lucky the haze lifts and it starts to feel a bit like a sunny day. With the heat comes dehydration and your Sjogren's starts to act up, then you start getting dehydrated. If it's winter your hands are so dry they start to crack and bleed. Suddenly you are hit with a cold front. Raynauds hits you for the rest of the day. You stay in bed trying to get warm, too tired to function.

The fog returns to muddle your thoughts making everyone around you, look at you like you are losing your mind. Finally you give up and go to sleep and hope for a better day tomorrow.

Here are a few pictures from the snowstorm.  I don't know if you can tell from the pictures. We ended up getting about 8 inches of snow.

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