Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My latest gadgets.

Since this flu seems to be a never ending saga. I was on the uptick, or so I thought! So what did I do? All of you out there with a chronic illness can guess. I spent an entire day running all over, in 3 degree weather. Trying to catch up on two weeks worth of errands in one day. It seemed like everywhere I went people were sick. I don't understand why people who are sick go to work. I realize people have to make a living, but some of these people were in the health care industry and should have known better! 
I woke up the next day, right back to where I started. My husband woke up sick. This whole week has been a disaster. I know think positive! 

So, since I'm exhausted and can't find a lot of inspiration for a post this one is in pictures.

Some more of our recent purchases, to help with RA and Raynauds.
I hope something I post helps you, like they are helping me and that none of you catch the flu and other viruses that are going around! 

The first item I found helps me, is a moveable shower head.  So if you end up having to sit in the tub it makes it easier.

The second item is a thermometer that scans your forehead, it is quick for me much more comfortable than the old style thermometers.

Here we have squeeze it, if you have trouble  squeezing tubes , toothpaste etc. it does it for you.

Here is the new handle on the bathroom door if you read my last post I couldn't get out with the old style doorknob. Now I shouldn't have that problem.

Here is the Paraffin bath for your hands. When I was first diagnosed, I had this done in Occupational Therapy so I finally decided to buy a small one for use at home.

My new gloves, back and front view. They have something on the tips so you can use your phone or touchscreen when you are out and about. These particular ones are Isotoners but there are other ones out there.

The item on the left is for your key, put it in the end to add extra grip to hold onto. The item on the right is a button hook.

We just bought this can opener yesterday, actually my husband picked it out. I will let you know if it works for me. The reason he picked this one, is it has a thing for pop tops as well on it, so we'll see how it goes.

I bought this particular stool after reading about a lot of them. I climb a lot! I'm 5"1. So a lot of cupboards in my house are an issue. Most of the stools are heavy and don't give much support. I can pick this one up with one hand and it has the support rail to hold onto. It is a lot safer than others I have used.
Sold by a medical supply company.

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