Thursday, January 3, 2013

It's one in the morning, and for the first time in a very long week. I am back to the routine of not being able to sleep.
If you poked me with a needle, I would bleed chicken soup and Gatorade. I have so much in my system right now.
I'm going to go backwards a bit before all of this last weeks events started.
Everything was ready for Christmas, well as ready as it was going to be this year.
I had managed to go visit a large portion of my husbands family on December 23rd and had a good time.
December 24th came, my hubby and I spent half the day prepping for my son, his girlfriend Ami, and our grand kids arrival. I was a little tired but those boys always energize me.
We had a great time with them opening gifts and just hanging out. Here are a couple of pictures from that day. 

The boys had to leave to go back to their moms that evening. So my husband and I spent a little while relaxing, and opening the gifts we got for each other. Not too long after that my son and Ami returned and we played games and had a good time for the rest of the evening. I can't remember the last time we had that much fun. We finally went to bed around three in the morning.
Christmas day came, the day had been weighing on me since losing my mom in October. I woke up feeling heavy, my husband had to go to work. I just sat around quietly reflecting on memories of Christmases growing up and thoughts of yesterday with the boys and of future Christmases. 
Later that afternoon my son Brian and Ami came and took me with them to see a movie. We went to see Parental Guidance, it was a great family movie lots of laughs. It was nice to get out for a while and out of my head.

Later I tried to call my dad, the call I always make at Christmas to my parents, I got their answering machine. By this time, I was getting physically and emotionally wiped out and crawled into bed and waited for hubby to get home. We spent the rest of the evening quietly watching movies.

The next day, I was still tired, more tired than normal but I went about my usual business. I finally got in touch with my dad. This is where the last seven days began. I remember some of the conversation with him, not all and I remember yawning a lot, that's not something I make a habit of doing on the phone to my dad. He told me I didn't sound well and to go lay down. Two hours later my hubby called me I don't remember what I said there either except that I told him I didn't want to talk to him and to get off the phone. That night I had a high fever, sorry to be graphic here but I had stuff coming out of every end of me. I couldn't, didn't want to eat or drink anything for the first 24 hours of this thing.

My body hurt, and I know I hurt from the RA as it is but this was multiplied in a way I didn't know was possible. If you can imagine laying on a pile of sharp rocks while covered in bruises, that's what my entire body felt and right now still feels like. The headache was so intense I wanted to scream. I couldn't sleep for the first 24 hours because of the pain. My poor hubby, do you want something to eat? HELL NO! him- you have to eat something, me-no it will just come right back out! 

Finally after hours on end of eventual sleep I managed to get down chicken broth, chicken broth, jello, and Gatorade that has been my diet for the past seven days now. I am thankful that my husband and my son and Ami all were there to help me through this. When my hubby was at work, they came and took care of me and the dog. I probably would have been laying out in a snow pile otherwise. I'm hoping the fact that I'm still awake is a good sign, it's the first day that I haven't slept most of it away. I'm still really weak and tired but I'm awake! I'm also thankful that I didn't get sick till after Christmas, usually I'm sick on Christmas, albeit not this sick! 

Unfortunately it's going around everywhere, so I hope any of you that are reading this don't get it. I had my flu shot, I shudder to think what would have happened without it.
My doctor says this flu lasts someone who is healthy 7- 10 days. I'm not sure what that means for me. I guess more chicken soup and time will tell!

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