Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Is today the day?

Should I share my blog? I ask my husband to read my posts on a daily basis. He thinks I should share it with family, and everyone else for that matter. Each day, I think about posting the link on my twitter account, then I chicken out. 

 My twitter account, I have one post on there, I use it to read everyone elses posts. I get comfort from that. It makes me feel less alone. That and I don't really know what to say!

Anyway, back to this blog. I worry about the punctuation, the grammar, worry it's not good enough. 
You see, I just type out all of my thoughts, they come out jumbled sometimes and I don't stop to think about the rest of it.

 It's part of the foggy part of this disease I have. I'm not trying to win a Pulitzer prize here. I just want people to know what I and others like me are going through on a daily basis with this disease.

Maybe today will be the day, I have to muster up the energy to go christmas shopping right now, and will decide after that.

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