Monday, December 10, 2012

Cold hands, warm heart.

If that saying is true, I must be the warmest hearted human being in Minnesota today.  
We had our first real snowstorm of the season.  Along with it strong winds and wind chills. 

For me this means a bout with the dreaded Raynauds. Most of the year I hardly even remember the word Raynauds, much less suffer the effects of it.

As I sit here typing this today I'm wearing my gloves indoors, picturing tropical beaches, and drinking hot chocolate.

My Rheumatologist, offered me medication on my last visit, but with the amount of medication I already take. I think I' d rather just tough it out for a few months.

When I first got RA, I thought ok I can handle this. I read everything there was, went to support group meetings. 
Medication changes, okay I'll try that, therapy ok let's do it. Splints, ok no problem.
Raynauds? Sjogren's? These might be a problem.
I'll get to the Sjogren's at a later date. 

I was told all of these "syndromes, phenomenons" come along with having RA, it seems to be one adventure after another.

My doctor on my last visit looked though my fingernails, I had no idea what he was doing. He explained to me that with Raynauds over time the arteries under the nails change, and mine have.

It is not a life threatening disease, just uncomfortable, my hands, feet, and nose are always cold.  They don't know the cause of Raynaud's, other than the blood is not flowing to the hands, feet etc. like it should. Caffeine, stress and cold make it worse. 

At least unlike the Sjogrens and the RA at least with this, I know that in a few short months there is relief in sight!

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